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  Team Name Team Owner Organization Members Created On
AppleSchnaarff Schnaarff
2 02-07-16


Name Game Role Type Participants Created On Progress
Smashy Organizer Groups → SE 6 02-03-18
Pkmn Organizer RR 16 12-30-17
BPS XII- Ultra Hype Pokémon Showdown Organizer DE 9 11-26-17
Pkmn Showdown Organizer DE 211 10-07-17
Bp Showdown XII- The only colour you need is gold Pokémon Showdown Organizer RR 5 10-04-17
Blackpool Showdown XI- Hack the system Pokémon Showdown Organizer DE 11 09-08-17
Blackpool Showdown X- Monotype (so amazing there's no pun) Pokémon Showdown Organizer DE 10 08-19-17
UBERter give it your all- Blackpool Showdown IX Pokémon Showdown Organizer DE 8 08-10-17
OU think you can win? Blackpool Showdown- VIII Organizer DE 8 07-31-17
Let's RANDOMly BATTLE- Blackpool Showdown VII Organizer DE 10 07-19-17
W2RC June PR Tournament #2 Super Smash Bros. for 3DS Participant Groups → DE 12 07-07-17
REK PR Tourney Volume 2 Super Smash Bros. for Wii U Organizer Groups → DE 0 07-07-17
I'lLC you in grands- Blackpool Showdown VI Pokémon Showdown Organizer DE 7 06-25-17
UUr gonna get bodied fam- Blackpool Showdown V Pokémon Showdown Organizer DE 7 06-18-17
W2RC 3DS PR June 2017 Super Smash Bros. for 3DS Participant DE 14 06-02-17